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Harold Land in New York & The Peace Maker

In 1958, Harold Land was considering quitting jazz and looking for a day job. This was the same year that pianist Victor Feldman hailed Land as

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Re: Harold Land in New York & The Peace Maker

Harold Land and all of the other "artists deserving great recognition" who swell the ranks of jazz are among some of jazz's greatest treasures. Sure everyone know Miles Davis, "Kind of Blue", John Coltrane, "Giant Steps", Duke Ellington and so on but it's the next layer down where things really start to get interesting, like enjoying some long forgotten and overlooked gem by Harold Land. Thanks for the recommendation, I keep an eye out (ouch) for both of them.

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Re: Harold Land in New York & The Peace Maker

Land recorded regularly with Bobby Hutcherson in the late '60s for Blue Note. Check out Total Eclipse, Medina (my CD reissue includes the Spiral session) & San Francisco.

All are solid recordings. Not as abstract as Hutcherson's earlier Blue Notes. San Franciso in particular.


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