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Harman, will it stay on course of excellence?

With the new guy in charge, Harman International has had some run of excellence over the years, they really have some of the greatest brands under their control, and they didn't ruin any of em. Many actually got better, and sustained their inovative plans. AKG and Crown just keep on being great.....AKG makes some great stuff. D&M is gonna be moving on battle it out on pro stuff? Harman has had a big head start, D&M is a newbie, in the game. Wonder why Philips didn't expand it all instead of selling it all off. Philips owned Marantz, B&O, AKG, Philips own brand of aduio pro stuff, Philips own broadcast tv cameras where top end, transmitters atop NYC centers of broadcast,Philips even had Grundig for soem years back. Maybe they will buy Harman, and get back into teh pro audio business

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