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Hard to fit room

Hi everyone.

New here for a lot of reasons, mainly getting kids through college and saving for retirement. But now I am able to consider buying speakers for a new home we built.

My current integrated is a Music Hall Maven, about 100w, and a Rega P3 turntable. We also stream a lot when not spinning discs. The only spot to locate speakers will have them 18 feet apart against a wall facing a room 16 feet wide, 30 feet long with 20 foot ceilings. This room also opens to our dining/kitchen area about the same size through a opening of about 25 feet long and 9 feet high. So lots of volume. I don't normally play music loudly unless the wife is gone, so most music is played at modest/moderate levels, so a speaker that maintains it's fidelity at lower levels is a plus.

So, and correct me please, I believe a front ported speaker would be best, so that has lead me to Revel f206, Focal Aria 926, and perhaps Tekton Enzo 2.7's. Physically they are all about the same size and will replace a set of MB Quart tower speakers I've had for 20+ years of the same physical size. Spouse approval rating is important which in my opinion places the Revel and Focal speakers ahead of the Tektons. No sub at this time but I do have the space to include one if necessary

Am I on the right track? I most likely will not have a chance to audition any of these speakers but I think with most return policies I'll know pretty quickly if I will be returning whatever I buy. I'd also mention I am not married to the Music Hall Maven.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Kal Rubinson
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Those are good options

Those are good options although I highly favor the Revels. However, I think it will be useful to add a sub or two in order to "fill" that large a space even at low levels. You should go ahead without it and assess your need after listening to the main pair alone.

FWIW, you may find that even at modest/moderate levels, you may require an amp with more heft than the Maven in a room of that size.

Old Audiophile
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Kal's Right On!

Haven't heard the Tekton but have done serious seat time with the Focal Aria 926 & Aria 936 and the Revel Performa3 F206 & F208. My ears had no difficulty quickly reaching the conclusion that the Revel were/are much better performers. Regardless, the Focal are certainly fine sounding speakers. If you are interested in my escapades in search of a pair of new speakers you can read all about it in this forum under "Time to Upgrade Speakers" and "Sequel to Time to Upgrade Speakers". I did some serious critical listening to a lot of 'em! You may find this helpful and you'll see that Kal provided much appreciated guidance to me, as well. (Thanks again, Kal!) Given the size of your sound room, the F208 might be a better choice or, for that matter, you might want to consider larger, more full range speakers if your budget allows. Adding a good subwoofer is also a consideration. Additionally, as Kal has astutely pointed out, more muscular amplification for that large sound room makes a lot of sense.

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Bought the f206's

I thought I'd bring this full circle for anyone that cares.
I bought the Revel Performa3 f206 speakers. It was hard to find an online retailer that had the speakers in stock, but received them in the mail last Saturday. Speakers look awesome (walnut) and look like expensive furniture. I also like them with the magnetic grills on!
Sound was closed in at first, but after about 8 to 10 hours they are opening up and I am a very happy man. Music has been part of my life for a long time and the fidelity of the Revel's is very good. Super excited about my system again and looking forward to listening to the Revels as they have more hours of break in.
I should add that $3500 is a lot to spend (for me) and I believe the speakers, with their sound and fit an finish, are worth every penny.

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