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Jan Vigne
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Hansen Audio Prince V2

Since the April 2008 issue has not yet made it to the forum for discussion and I've almost finished reading the issue from cover to cover, I'll post this question here.

In the "Measurements" section of the Hansen Audio Prince V2 review, JA refers to the human ear's ability/tendency to latch onto a specific frequency region to use as its reference and that such a shifting reference point will be affected by the music being played. I understand that a solo female voice (Judy Collins/Joan Baez) can become the reference point when it dominates a recording without a male voice beneath it and vice versa. But how does this shifting reference point affect larger scale works? JA states he would expect the Wilson Watt/Puppy 8's to present a more "forceful" overall sound compared to the Hansen's "smaller" presentation of a work such as Schuller's Double Concerto for Flute and Piano. Why? Just what does this mean we should take into consideration when we are auditioning the "sound" of a component or speaker? How much of this then becomes a function of the room in a typical listening (not measuring) set up?

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Re: Hansen Audio Prince V2

I just read the Hansen Prince review twice and I still don't have an idea of how it sounds.

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Re: Hansen Audio Prince V2

I just read the Hansen Prince review twice and I still don't have an idea of how it sounds.

I read the review/measurements twice and don't have any idea
why someone would pay $39K for this speaker.

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Re: Hansen Audio Prince V2

It's puzzling to me how the Princes ended up in Class A of Recommended Components, especially as their measurements seemed iffy at best. JA's measurements seemed to question the Princes crossing over @ 100 hz, and also pointed out residual hash in mid-treble. The balance seemed off, too, right? How the upper mids were emphasized at the cost of the lower (better female voice, but lack of mass/body in male voice and/or orchestral music), and WP's listening seemed to corroborate JA's measurements, in his notice of the Hansens sounding smaller in orchestral recordings than the Wilson/WATT Puppys. I know the measurements don't necessarily translate into musical performance, but I'd expect better - both objective (JA) and subjective (WP) - from Class A speakers, even though WP did mention that he found the Hansens more "musically credible" than the Wilson/WATT Puppys. (For example, the reviews/measurements for PSB Synchrony 1 & Kef 207/2 seemed to merit Class A designation, without a doubt.)

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Re: Hansen Audio Prince V2

I'll likely hear both or at least the Hansen's at the Montreal Show, on Saturday...but as a fellow manufacturer...I will officially have 'no opinion!'

Hearing speakers in 'real life' every now and then, allows the given reader to get a handle on the very real consideration of how a report goes in the mag..vs how one themselves actually listens and hears. This comparative point for 'value placement' of a given reviewer's tastes, bias, expression, listening emphasis, etc., I find is important for 'placing' the reviwers's context, with respect of how I listen and hear things. For that given review, and on into the future reviews that I may read by the given reviewer. Shows are not ideal for this, however.

The magazine itself does caution the reader that ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the potential buyer, and the the review is is merely that: A review. IMHO, for a hint, look to the Hansen's step response in the review. Linear frequency response curves (+- given DB over the frequency range) do not, on their own, tell the tale of a speaker's presentation. If they did, everyone on the planet would always own, let's say - KEF speakers (which are fine, I might add)..but note that we do not.

An important point for those who organize shows!

(I only say it as I'm about to attend a show)

Please hire an electrician or use the facility's staff go around BEFORE the show and re-tighten and re-stress ALL electrical connections in ALL electrical boxes connected to ALL rooms, at the main switching and wiring points for the 'junction or 'AC panel rooms'. As well, have EACH AC breaker CLEANED by a resetting of each breaker with a minimum of three flips on each breaker.

This will make the entire building SOUND much better for audio.

To my knowledge, this never been done at any audio show, even though it is critical to the audio show and should take no more than a few days to get done.

Prior to the show, of course, and it can be done up to a few weeks ahead of time, but it would be critical to evening out any potential sonic issues related to AC quality, and most specifically, grounding issues.

Show organizers and participants: HEAR THIS MESSAGE. DEMAND IT.

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