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Hans Zimmer Playlist For Stereophile Forum

Although many are familiar with Hans Zimmer, it is hoped that this particular playlist may be enjoyable to many.

1- Homeland (Stallion Of The Cimarron)
2- Fighting 117th (Backdraft)
3- Roll Tide (Crimson Tide)
4- Woad To Ruin (King Arthur)
5- Honor (The Pacific)
6- Wonder Woman Suite (Part 1 Hans Zimmer Live)
7- Chevalier de Sangreal (The Davinci Code)
8- Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
9- Themes (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
10- Man Of Steel Suite Part 1 (Hans Zimmer Live)
11- Main Theme (Crimson Tide)
12- Zoosters Breakout (Madagascar)
13- Lost But Won (Rush)
14- Up Is Down (Pirates Of Caribbean At World’s End)
15- Maestro (The Holiday)

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