Haniwa Loudspeakers, Amplifier, and Complete Vinyl Front End

Haniwa's chief designer, Tetsuo Kubo, surprised me with the sound of his new Clear Focus speakers plus digital phase control system amplifier ($25,000 total). With a much larger cone than in previous versions and an impedance of 1.3 ohms, this loudspeaker sounded totally smooth, with a very strong midrange presence, when mated with their 400Wpc amplifier. Even the bright voice of Luciano Pavarotti was pleasant to listen to, and thrilling as well.

The system also included Haniwa's HCTR-CO current-output MC cartridge plus HEQA03-CI current input phono preamp ($20,000 total; forgive me if I'm wrong—the price sheet was extremely confusing). The LPs used in the room once belonged to the late Harry Pearson of TAS fame.

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Those LP's have been making the rounds. From my recollection, they are in VG+ condition at best, there are far better copies out there to demo with....I would think.

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Jason, thanks for coming by the room to listen to Luciano! I'm sorry the price list was confusing. The .2 ohm HCTR-CO cartridge plus HEQ-AO3 current sensing phono preamp is $20K as you reported. The bundle of cartridge+phonopre+turntable is $33K.