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A guitar amp guy trying to wire HiFi speakers

Folks. Sorry, this is a new guy question about wiring hifi speakers for a tube amp that only has taps for 4 and 8 ohms. In my days as I guitar amp builder I could get speakers in 4, 8 and 16 ohms and understood how to wire them in parallel, series or both to fit the amps output.

But now I'm looking at my hifi tube amp with only a 4 and 8 ohm tap and a bunch of hifi, bookshelf speakers that all seem to be 8 ohm. I'd like to get a pair of speakers on each channel (not true surround sound of course) but all I can do is wire them in parallel giving me 4 ohms. Now I do have a 4 ohm tap on my amp, but will I damage all of my 8 ohm Klipsch bookshelf speakers buy only pushing them through the 4 ohm tap?

Trying to use the speakers I have until I can afford the real audiophile level ones, like sell my car$ level system for audio, not home theater.



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