Great Value from Cambridge Audio

In a very different financial world than the Wilson/VTL and Magico/Constellation offerings below—and a world that, frankly, I'm much more comfortable in—were the Cambridge range of electronics and speakers. The small Minx speakers in the foreground of the picture above are $200/pair, $599 in a 2.1 setup that includes a subwoofer. Shown in the picture below are the top two-channel electronics: the 851A integrated amp and 851C preamp/DAC, each priced at $1999. Just looking at the fit and finish, I could just as easily guess that they're $4000 or $6000 each.

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MINX can be bought for 190 a pair!

and 851A & C are 150$ cheaper already

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Cambridge is old and new too me. I have always seen it in the old catalog that I have gotten for years. I has a nice clean look, great price and probably sounds good. But I don't like it very much. High end entry level like Clearaudio Concept is what I like!laugh