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great music from unexpected source

I visited my favorite local record store recently, and stopped by the "freebie box" outside the door on my way in. I didn't find any vinyl I wanted, but there was a CD of the Jurassic Park soundtrack. I was only mildly interested - and never would have purchased it - but, what the heck, free stuff, right?

I was a fan of the movie when I was a kid, and remember liking the score. When I got home and played it, I was really impressed. It was recorded quite well, and the cello and French horn in the theme sounded excellent. I never would have sought out this album, and probably would not have paid money for it. I would have missed out on a cool musical experience, though.

So, theme thread:

Have you ever had a great musical experience from an unexpected or random source? Discuss.

Ariel Bitran
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Re: great music from unexpected source

oh hell yes.

I was at a Goodwill in Boston looking through the records and found The Jungle Book soundtrack. The music was so exciting and the storytelling was phenomenal. Even though the record was in bad shape, the enjoyment that i still get from it is unsurpassed. Listening to Bagheera's purr, the fancy flutes, or King Louie singing about how he "want to be like you." Awesome horn part too.

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