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Great issue

Bout' time some things are said to not be worth the absurd prices listed, like the latest TT of teh month club. But back to the ads, how come every ad in StereoPhile has the BEST of teh best. Anthem says THEIR amp is the best no matter how much you spend!!! Ya can't do better. that can be said to be false advertising? cus the other guy a few pages down claims THEIR'S is the best this time. along with all teh speakers, cables, all saying ya can't do better than their's. How can that possibly be? The disapinting part of the MF X reviews?.......He had to throw in teh upgraded FUSE!!! And of course it made things better!!! That ruined it for me!!! And he casually says for $30 try it!!! you gotta be kidding right, that's kinda a subliminal advertising for magic fuses, without using teh full page fuse with fire coming out it's rear. Which is actually a RETARDED was to advertise a FUSE. i don't wannt see any sparks or fames out of a FUSE. The fuse is not doing it's job then is it. How can a FUSE improve teh sound of such a perfect product like MF, and if it does, why does MF uses CHEAP fuses as mentioned. Seems like a bunch of contridctory claims..kinda like a politican speaks out of both sides to cover their ass, no? Putting a $30 fuse in a standard fuse holder, that can't possibly be right, where is teh audio fuse HOLDERS? Are they UL listed fuses, for $30 it better have the world's stickers on it..UL, ETL, IEC, DIN Kema Kuer,ULc, an dso many more. LittelFuse and Bus sure do, they are like 25CENTS each, maybe a littel more for CERAMIC, which has a purpose, and it's NOT AUDIO.....Fuses, the new frontier in nonsense.....almost had a real review until the FUSE replacement got in there!!!

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