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Jan Vigne
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Re: Great AWSI!!

And where exactly does placing all dissenting voices on "ignore" fit into "The Power Of NOT"?

This sounds more and more like the Republican party that bows down to lick the crap off Limbaugh's sneakers.

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Re: Great AWSI!!

I know that incomplete posting does contribute to lively discussion, Jan, but I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say.

One point is that -ultimately- we all share blame in our own way to whatever situation is out there in the world.

One other point is that I've stepped away from the TV and the mass of the 'voice' out there since I was a kid and the TV has demanded (via the undercurrent of the thrust of western society -as it rides along through the bulk of it's bell curve) in shrill fashion that I remain in front of it.

What you learn in front of a TV is far outweighed by what it takes from you, in the final analysis.

Ie, the entirely unnatural effect of the hypnotism and mechanistic freezing of a normally active child when thrust in front of the TV. This might lead to an understanding of the DANGER that media like Television can be - in it's own cryptic fashion. Not all can see that, obviously.

I have not read the bulk of the CD De-magnetizing thread as most of it is a war that would not take place if we discussed in person. Due to the lack of full bodied communication not being possible -- it would be wasted time and effort.

In that thread..I stated my case, and my conclusions and anyone who wants to stay in that little Rome as Spartacus is forced in march and direction..can do so if they wish. I'm not interested.

As way of possibly showing how things really work..when I heard of Eric Clapton's horrific situation with his Child..I knew in the same breath of hearing the news...that it would revitalize his career to new heights. The pain would cause serious and real soul searching that only a actual and REAL confrontation that is >>TO THE DEATH<< can achieve ..well..that is what it takes to bring someone to the table of 'fixing themselves'. There has never been an exception to that hard and fast physical mental construct of human minds, except for that of learning the 'joy of learning'. This important thing, I finally figured out in my early teens and turned that twisted North American educational and upbringing model that was laying waste to myself and my potential (And everyone else for that matter) ..I turned it around and TAUGHT MYSELF how to learn. How to teach myself the sheer joy of learning new things, as a crowbar in the mind---into becoming intelligent.

Recent medical research has shown that we actually CAN AND DO create actual physical new neurons and pathways in the brain, via endorphins and such. So it is LITERALLY possible to actually physically re-wire the brain to new heights. So yes, you can create your own IQ-if you can allow yourself to see how it is done. That would require that internal confrontation I speak of, as the initial starting point. In my early teens I knew that my mind was literally malleable in the I went to work on myself. It slows down when you get older..but it NEVER stops being malleable. Never. And you can increase that extant malleability.

As a youth, I knew I had little spent my formative teen years literally..tearing myself to pieces, knowing that my monkey side would love the ride like no other. Damn, it was fun. And horrific, all at the same time. Cleaning up the pieces took years. But it was worth it. No, I'm not kidding. That was the real and actual conscious plan, and I stuck to it. I played games wit' me own monkey.

People will die before they will address their internal issues..and it won't happen until then. Period. And as Eric's situation has shown, an internal death is the real deal. A base requirement, in almost every single case. It can be quick-or it can be slow-but it is a basic requirement. Old strips away for the new. Constantly changing. Sink or swim.

Those people will not change their minds whatsoever, until a real and actual internal death of some sort is inflicted upon them. Otherwise they really WILL take YOU to your literal and actual grave-before they allow their internal model to be 'laid waste to'. I'm not interested in dying so they can still maintain their internal 'lies' and 'truths'.

Thus, the line, "The Power Of NOT". You have to frame a question perfectly before the answer will show itself in exactitude. Thus, this line as a possible way for some people -- as a simple trigger or reminder.

If you want to fight their 'internal city hall' on this forum, you can go right ahead. But it won't get you very far.

I don't ever give up on them, I keep trying all kinds of different ways...but I'm going to go level for a bit, after so much sharpening.


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