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Grand Isolation

I'm always behind in my reading, so I apologize for this 'late' reflection.
The November 2019 issue of Scientific American has an article on a gravity wave detector in Japan. They utilize a fourteen METER tall isolation device which allows for controlling vibrations beneath the oscillations measuring less than a one thousandth of a proton's diameter.
Imagine the response of the turntable mounted on this!
That you have to keep it refrigerated to near absolute zero might be an obstacle.

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It’s not that difficult to isolate down to around 3 Hz or even 2 Hz can be achieved with a little effort, which is very good performance for audio applications, only for such challenges as detecting gravity waves are more robust iso devices necessary. There is also the sticky subject of degrees/directions of isolation, the vertical direction being arguably the most important. However, performance of turntables, tube electronics, solid state electronics can be further enhanced by isolating them in multiple directions, for example springs plus roller bearings. Cheers and be safe out there.

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