Gramophone Dreams #12 Contacts

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Roksan Audio, Jubilee Close, Townsend Lane, London NW9 8XD, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)20-8900-6801 Web: US distributor: Rutherford Audio, 12649 E. Caley Avenue #116, Centennial, CO 80111. Tel: (303) 872-6285. Web:

Focal-JMlab, 108 rue de l'avenir, 42353 La Talaudière cedex, France. Tel: (33) 04-77-43-57-00. Web: US distributor: Focal North America, 9641-82 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0Z9, Canada. Tel: (888) 340-4403, (780) 439-3901. Web:


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The spirit of the Michell Syncro is resurrected!

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"the Utopias are less juicy-wet, musically charged, and rampantly fun than my everyday references", perhaps less coloration so less distorsion. For the turntables, I find it totally impossible to say one is really better than another, at ANY price, so I'm not spending money for that anymore, sorry.

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However I take issue with his phrase "Jose Cuervo young" unless it is to indicate that as one gets older, one prefers better tequila...

Please keep it up, Herb!