Grado GT220 True Wireless Earbuds Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Grado GT220 True Wireless Earbuds (Value $259) we are giving away.

According to Grado:

The All New Grado GT220 True Wireless earbuds utilize an 8mm Dynamic Driver to deliver rich accurate bass, detailed midrange and clear precise treble, resulting in a user experience second to none. Grado wants you to hear the music as the recording engineer intended it, true and natural, nothing artificial.


The GT220 incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 as well as aptX, AAC and SBC codecs, making it possible to connect with a wide range of devices. When the GT220 is paired with your smart phone it's easy to make and control phone calls with the built in microphone and touch control system on the earbud. The left bud gives you touch control of phone and voice functions, and music playback is controlled by the right bud.


The GT220 has a twist to lock form to ensure a secure fit and quality sound every time. The earbuds weigh only 5 grams each making them comfortable for long listening sessions. The product ships with three different silicon ear-tips for guaranteed comfort in different ear sizes and shapes. With an impressive 6 hour battery life, and an additional 30 hours of charge stored in the case, the GT220 is ready for the long haul. The storage/charging case offers industry standard Qi wireless charging along with USB-C connectivity.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

mikerr's picture

Be so nice

gkmorton1's picture

Looking for a good pair of earbuds

Bigtoad73's picture

They make great headphones, so I am sure these earbuds will rock!

jamesk's picture

Would love wireless buds, pal.

AnalogJ's picture

I own their 325is headphones. Great.

romath's picture

It'd be fun to play with wireless earbuds

peterh's picture

Love Grado - fell in love with their cartridges back in the day

Toddathan's picture

Been a fan of Grado cans for a long time.

frankmason's picture

Mr Bud, pick me and join other members of your family at my house.

clinton burdette's picture

I Want to hear Everything!!

mggm56's picture

I already own a few pairs of Grado headphones--I'm a believer!'s picture

Grado makes great stuff

gerdjo2001's picture

Would love to have quality sound without wires.

stevecdds's picture

I'm in if they are!

rjfrappier's picture

I've always loved my over-the-ear Grados. The future is earbuds!

Ken Wyatt's picture

If the earbuds are anywhere as good as the legendary Grado headphones of years past, we're in for a treat!

groerto's picture

I'm always up for something free but this is Grado. Must win!

jsettoon's picture

Love to have them

Arrowmark's picture

I would like to win the Grado GT 220

PredatorZ's picture

It is good to be part of the Grado family! Good luck everyone.

TheVinylBuck's picture

These buds look so cool!

pmckenna3's picture

My ears will enjoy
the music!!!

chipshooter's picture

Yes please!

htobin5051's picture

Sounds good to me

htobin5051's picture

Sounds good to me.

sumone60's picture

Thank you Veterans

nwAudio2's picture

Love to win these!

BostonBean's picture

Grado's unwavering commitment to quality sound at a reasonable price, and their attention to detail in design, makes these new GT220 earbuds a winner.

jrampoldi's picture

proud owner of sr60 & 80. also worked in Brooklyn for a long time.

Bluejimbop's picture

still searching for the right pair.

ctsooner's picture

I use very high end CIEM's, but need a pair like this for travel and walking. Would love to win a pair. Thanks for the sweepstakes.

Houears's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

Malwow1's picture

A great pair of ear buds

coupedeville's picture

a wise man once said 'my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.' historians to this day can only speculate what he truly meant by his statement. I'd like to think it was a transcendental zen koan about the true meaning of life on this planet, in a reductive but yet still respectful and insightful way. if only he were here today for us to interview and glean any sort of understanding from his brilliance.

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olc's picture

Looks like another winner for them.

pboser's picture

I’ve got cartridges and headphones- need earbuds!

tom6897's picture

Fingers crossed, I need a pair of IEM's my ears get sore with the over ear style.

Louis-P's picture

They'd be nice for my commute if I ever get back to the office.

RGJMERK59's picture
RGJMERK59's picture
RGJMERK59's picture
RGJMERK59's picture
jzh10's picture

Are they Grado-A ?

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mrpetemd1823's picture

Grado! Sign me up!!

Under_line's picture

These TWS sound like they’d be great! I’d love to win them to replace the 2 pairs of wired that broken recently.

Brasco327's picture

Owned Grado cartridges in the past. Now I need some GT220 buds!

BootlegBella's picture

Well if you're just giving them away, I'll put my hand up for a pair please!

zeram1's picture

Grado sweeps!

misterbill17's picture

Wireless earbuds, YES!

krencey's picture

Can’t wait to hear what Grado’s take on wireless earphones sounds like!

DudeOnADucati's picture

Gimme dem buds!

Yes We Can's picture
Yes We Can's picture
Yes We Can's picture
Burning777's picture

I became a Grado fan since I bought the first SR325. Over the years I have had GS1000, HF1, SR80 and just last week I was lucky to find an almost new RS1e that I have always wished for. These portables would be the perfect portable companion when commuting.

Yes We Can's picture

Grado's are Rado's
Your new slogan delivered
You're welcome ;-)

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Yass's picture

Looking forward to listening to these Grados!

Bigboi1952's picture

Corey Greenberg got me started with his glowing SR-60 review when Grado branched out, back when we thought vinyl would recede into the history books. I've been a fan of Grado phones ever since. I'd love to win these wireless earbuds.

Lasse's picture

Lucky me!?

mauidj's picture

Would be stoked to add these to my rig. Aloha

sluggotg's picture

A Set of Grado Earbuds would be very Cool!

Robinjwa's picture

I have been looking for some wireless earbuds for a while. Could these be the ones?!

Cassbeau60's picture

I like grado

heretohear's picture

Thank You , Grado !

gacf2008's picture

They will look good in my ears

chuckhancock's picture

These Earbuds look great. Hope I win!!'s picture

Maybe I will win and maybe I won't win. But at least the effort is there. lol

acsauber's picture

Glad to see Grado in the wireless space. Look forward to the drawing.

edeverett's picture

Count me in.

dsmalle's picture

This would free me up from my desk when the wife is watching TV & the hifi is unavailable - high end audio everywhere !

plevy25's picture

Please let me win!

MtnBeachBum's picture

These look sweet.

Mitchellman1's picture

I would love to have this pair of earbuds.

hien34's picture

I'm in!

tiagoramossdg's picture

Pick me!

halloweenjack's picture

Would love a pair of these

ken10254's picture

Enjoying some old Grado headphones and would love to win these new little fellas. Good luck to me!!

tincanfury's picture

pick me pick me!

oscar52's picture

Looks interesting...

oscar52's picture

Looks interesting...

Sounds2Cool's picture

Would love to try these.

docwa2000's picture

Come 4 the looks....Stay 4 the SOUND!

grucella's picture

Love to have these

lawn_wrangler's picture

Hope I win

vanguy2020's picture

Hi there....I find a few different ear buds tend to fall out. I am guessing that this "lock" feature will help with that issue. Good luck to all

tandem_dude's picture

Oh nice... And just when I started looking for replacements.

Kwest169's picture

I continue to be a true Grado fan with both the SR 60 and SR 80 headphones. Keep up the great work.'s picture

Great for Christmas as I hibernate from the world.

sbanks's picture

My pair of SR60's I picked up while working at Magnolia Hi-Fi back in the mid-90's were adopted by my son who is about the same age as the headphones, so these would be a welcome addition to the family.

masterloggie's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

JANOSKO's picture

Go to wireless music on the go~

Holygeezer's picture

And there was sound and it was good.

aloha.mark's picture

Here I am! The winner of the Grado GT220!

peterkopp's picture

I'm in.

Bob in Coquille's picture

Not sure about wireless, but.....

Randall's picture

Gotta be good if they are Grado!

frym's picture

Count me in.

StereoGMax1's picture

I already own Grado cans would love some IEMs. Great sound!

trippleA's picture

Is it AAA?

dougspeterson's picture

Grado does it again!

hpscout's picture

Good to see TWS earphones from the grand daddy of headphones

slimey's picture

Nice looking ear buds!

peter kuntz's picture

Great look! Look forward to hearing them.

Bartguy's picture

These Grados look pretty amazing.'s picture

I just want to win! Have a nice day!

TheMattman's picture

I'd like to talk to the wind with these bad boys.

D_Simpsons_Head's picture

I can't wait to try them out.

mixpro's picture

Wireless earbuds would be so sweet.

txfam007's picture

Would love to own these earbuds. Thanks for the chance to win.

stungun's picture

Might as go all the way with these new wireless. Would love to win.

Boulder Bob's picture

hope I win

lenbell's picture

would love to have

lenbell's picture

would love to have

Pareek's picture

Would be fun to try audiophile brand TWS!

Bloom's picture

They have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX so I guess latency is not a problem when watching movies or is it?

kohngallery's picture

Love Grado products. Looking forward to hearing these earbuds.

sfyalek's picture

Deep precise treble, YES!! Wish I have a pair right NOW!!

Zachary Rea's picture

Did I?

thewhoking's picture

I love the Grado sound and have several sets of headphones. Would love to see how these compare.

ffarland's picture

Bring it on

flamingeye's picture

I never win anything my wife has all the luck, but this would be awesome would love to win this

SVinTO's picture

Love the look.

stevemich's picture

To hear and to win!

pmckenna3's picture

Always trying to improve my music listening experience and these guys would certainly do that. Ear buds are great for us older folks!!

InhNE's picture

I assume these sound better than my SR 60s I bought in 1994?

Dwiref's picture

Yes please! Thanks!

Homer Theater's picture

Serious buds are the best buds.

Jania's picture

I continue to enjoy the terrific sounds from my Grado headphones and phono cartridges.'s picture

this would be a great XMAS gift to myself.

keithwnyc's picture

Grados, please :)

keithwnyc's picture

Grados, please :)

avrayman86's picture

I used to sell Grado cart's like candy back in the day. Always liked the Grado sound. Would really enjoy the HP's!

bigmike7844's picture

Sounds like a winner!'s picture

Please let me enter the contest for Grado earbuds.


tminderm's picture

Big fan of Grado!

TWilli's picture

Good luck to all

kplourde's picture

Let's end 2020 on a high note, and a low note...and with some sweet midrange....Pick me.....pretty please!

Brown Sound's picture

Pick me, pick me.....

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elimiss's picture

I want them!

tedcole's picture

Tickle my ears!

tedcole's picture

Tickle my ears!

BobCor's picture

Fingers and toes crossed!!!!!

BobCor's picture

Fingers and toes crossed!!!!!

cburgess54's picture


bamber2000's picture

… need to envy Grado. It's about the quality of the sound, not the flash looks.

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