Gradient Conquers Room Acoustics

The dipolar Gradient speakers from Finland being demmed in the SimpliFi suite had an advantage over conventional speakers at the NY Show, in that they better coped with the Waldorf=Astoria's often-problematic room acoustics. Partnered with Bladelius electronics and DNM cabling, the Revolution speakers (right) were paired with the matching Radiant subwoofer (center), which features two 12" drivers to produce uncolored, full-range low frequencies. Stephen Mejias was sufficiently impressed to look up from his notebook. The white speaker is Gradient's Helsinki 1.5, which Art Dudley reviewed in August 2010

Stephen Mejias's picture

I was! The sound was open, clear, and vibrant, with well-defined images placed across a wide stage. I heard no evidence of the bass problems that troubled many other systems.

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Hi SM:

Gradient is indeed interesting stuff. Tim is delightful, and the lad has, um, the gift of gab, to say the least. He always manages to put together really nice sounding rooms.

His whole prodcut line is very tastefully chosen.

Nice pic.

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I'm a fan of Gradient products, and therefore not objective. I have a pair of Helsinkis that are providing sonic bliss in my listening room. As Dudley, I had a bout placing them, until I struck gold with the idea that I should disregard the location of my listening chair, and find the placement where the speakers worked best together with the room.

And then place the listening chair where they sounded best.

I have never had a pair of speakers that were more "tunable" than these, relative to their placement - very interesting. If one isn't prepared for that, it could be that you end up giving them a thumbs down, and that would be a shame. They speak music.

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This was the most surprisingly impressive sound at the show for me.  Perhaps because I came in with little or no expectations.  Returned for a total of 3 visits with the same impressions.