Good Times

I spotted this familiar magazine in the lobby of the hospital where, just last Saturday, my sister gave birth to a healthy, handsome boy.

It was our March 2007 issue—someone needs to renew the hospital’s subscription. Flipping through its pages was like taking a walk back in time. I remembered falling in love with Rega’s Brio 3 integrated amp and Apollo CD player; I remembered carrying the Joseph Audio RM7XL loudspeaker into our conference room and photographing it for the review; I remembered helping JA measure the Pioneer S-1EX loudspeaker, carrying it up the stairs and falling on my back as the speaker crushed my chest. Good times.

Anyway, I’m an uncle! I will teach this child to say please and thank you, to throw a four-seam fastball, to smile at girls, to wear Levi’s, to play vinyl records, and to read Stereophile. Will he grow up to be an athlete, a DJ, a musician, a writer, an engineer, a teacher, a carpenter, a multimillionaire playboy? I can’t wait to find out. Until then, we’ll have good times.