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Good speakers for a Rogue Audio Cronus Integrated Amp
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I heard the Cronus at Sound Mind Audio about a year ago, partnered with Proac speakers and was as impressed with the combination as you seem to be. Brian and David are great and both heavy into vinyl.

I've been considering getting a Cronus for the winter. The summers are just too damn hot down here for tubes in my small room.

Anyway, the Cronus puts out 50 watts and should drive most any speaker to sane levels unless you have a huge room. I really liked the bias meter being mounted on top and the phono section was the equal of my McCormack Micro.

I could detect absolutely no etch or glare in the Cronus and thought its imaging was first rate, along with as good a sense of space and detail as any amp I've ever heard. Heck, even the top end was there and it was silent as a grave. This is a long way around the barn in trying to say I don't think you have to be too picky with speakers from a compatibility stand point. The Proacs really sound at home with the Cronus. Maybe you could get Brian to sell you his demos?

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