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A good entry level system?

Hey there,
i'm just looking to get into the world of vinyl after hearing so much good stuff about it all, but i'm unsure as to which turntable to go for. I've been looking at used ones on ebay mostly... the Pro-Ject Expression, Acoustic Research EB101, and the B&0 Beogram 3000. With about

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Re: A good entry level system?

Of those 3, I suspect the Pro-Ject might give you the best performance... but, my experience with these is next to nil and my guess has more to do with design and reputation. I have heard B&O decks, but have never been impressed by them. Hopefully, someone with a truly informed opinion (who has heard all 3 personally) can assist.

Perhaps, you can get a Rega P2... if not, I believe the Goldring GR1.2, Music Hall MMF-2.1 and NAD 555 may just be rebadges of the P2. The Rega P3 is out of your budget but worth it if you can swing it (I've heard it in its Planar 3 incarnation and liked it quite a bit.) However, so much depends on the entire system. What sort of gear will you be partnering it with?

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