Giving Voice to Music

You can always count on Doug White, owner of The Voice That Is in Newtown, PA, to provide excellent sound and an attractive display. At AXPONA, he came through in spades, rendering John Atkinson's recording of male ensemble Cantus singing Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque with extreme beauty. The system did equally well on Rimsky-Korsakov's well-worn Dance of the Tumblers, producing superb sound and nice depth. Lacking only were the ultimate transparency and room-filling soundstage that I encountered in far too few rooms at AXPONA.

Doing the honors behind Tidal Audio Piano Diacera Speakers ($37,690/pair in midnight gloss black finish) were the Vitus RS-100 300W stereo amplifier ($13,500), new Vitus RD-100 DAC ($14,000), Aurender S10 Music Server ($6990), Purist Audio Design Corvus Cables—power cords ($1990), XLR interconnect ($2100), and speaker cable ($3850)—Purist Audio Design 25th Anniversary digital cable ($4500), and an impossible-for-me-not-to-covet StillPoints equipment rack.

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I hadn't thought about Eric Whitacre until I saw this, then link, link, link and I'm looking at a production of a 2,000-person virtual choir. Whoa!

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You can find an excerpt from my own recording of Lux Aurumque at (Scroll to the foot of the page.)

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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got Cantus - Let Your Voice Be Heard from Amazon - did a quickie review. If a person bought this and didn't care that much for the material, it would make a great gift with the excellent booklet that's included.