Give us your suggestion for a Stereophile poll.

Some people complain that the "Vote" questions aren't serious enough. Okay, what would <I>you</I> like to find out about the magazine's readers? Give us your suggestion for a <I>Stereophile</I> poll.

Give us your suggestion for a <I>Stereophile</I> poll.
Here it is
89% (67 votes)
Don't have one
11% (8 votes)
Total votes: 75

erick wilson's picture

h\How many readers are tired of the nonsense or unnessesary political statements interspersed with good audio commentary?

Walter Woody's picture

What is your proudest audiophile moment?

Moebius's picture

Did you study (or are studying) music? Do you play music? How much do you understand about physical laws of sound? How much do you understand about electronic treatment (eg, amplification) of sound? How often do you go to live concerts?

Dimitris Gogas's picture

How about politics? How about the readers' opinions on the war in Iraq?

Perry's picture

Socio-economic breakdown of readers.

BeeJay DeeJay's picture

I would like to know if any of the readers can hear a faint "background" ringing or hissing in their ears when it is dead quiet around (of if they plug their ears) and, if so, what is the extent of that hiss or noise and whether it is bothersome when they are listening. Thanks!

Mike's picture

Perhaps a poll about readers' first audio epiphanies?

dBruce's picture

Where do you sit, lie, hang when listening ? What chair (make & model) is great for listening?

Theduke's picture

You've done it before and there's no reason why you can't do once or twice a year: What equipment review would you want to see added to the archives?

Dismord's picture

How much, over the years, have you spent on audioporn magazines? 1) The cost of a new high-end system. 2) The cost of a middle of the road system. 3.) The cost of a ghetto-blaster. 4) Nothing.

Neil D.'s picture

Your best do-it-yourself fix.

Ron Ramsey's picture

It would be interesting to find out who has the most creative or unusual PIN numbers on their bank accounts. Be sure to include account numbers and passwords in your answer.

Mike Agee's picture

This may have been done already, but I'd like to hear about great audio products that have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press. I realize there are many reasons why this might happen, from manufacturer reluctance to bad timing in the marketplace, but we all know there are a real winners out there that never made a recommended list. My candidate would be Legacy's Signature III speakers; since discontinued, boxily crude perhaps in appearance, and strewn with drivers front and back, my pair delivers dynamic, effortless, transparent, nuanced, 3D, full-range sound that was significantly smoother and more refined than the other 30 odd competitors I auditioned. The price was amazing, think of them as downsized Focuses. The only reviews I found (all raves) were from The Sensible Sound and an Australian rag. I drive mine with amplification costing 2 1/2 times as much and yet find little reason to change. Still, a pair up recently on Audiogon for a pittance sat there unsold. I'd love to hear about other unsung heros in the audio firmament (and, from the magazines, more about why they go unsung).

craig's picture

Okay, let's get right to it. What is age of your readers? The reason I ask is choice of "favorite music" in a recent Vote question. I printed off all of the choices and then went to YouTube and found videos of most of them. There were of course some decent classical music choices made and a few decent modern music choices also but the majority of the choices were, to put it mildly, just awful pop music that would be torture if I had to listen to them for any period of time at all. I am thinking that a lot of your readers must be just past the pubescent stage. If this proves true, I guess that means that your magazine is in the sweet spot that all sellers of just about anything these days are trying to target but therefore means that their choice of “music” is not very musical.

wook's picture

Would you like Stereophile's reviews to include power-draw measurements?

Markus Roonikus's picture

There are an increasing number of articles on the web regarding cables/speaker wire and their sonic properties. Combine this with some 'blind' listening sessions (like the one substituting a coat hanger) and any sensible person has reason to pause. Question: Do you find yourself more cautious about manufacturer's performance claims? Has this affected your spending habits?

Jan's picture

Here is a question all the advertisers would like to have answered: How long ago did you spend more than US $ 1000 on a hi-fi product (no big screen TVs please): 1) Within the last six months; 2) Within the last year; 3) Within the last two years 4) Within the last three years; 5) Not for a very long time; 6) I don't spend that much on new gear, I buy second-hand or on a budget

Harris Haft's picture

Let's say that you recently bought a new piece of equipment as a replacement for something you already have (speakers,amps,preamps,turntables, or anything). Did it really do something for your system, or were you happier with what you had before?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

How many of you audiophiles buy one vinyl title to actually play, but also buy more copies to sell when the time is right? Also, how many of you collect vinyl without ever listening to it?

Al Marcy's picture

Does your enjoyment increase or decrease after you buy some ear toy? Are you crazy, or what?

ch2's picture

What is the oldest piece of audio equipment in your main listening chain?

Alex O's picture

Which aspect of your system do you find to be most important? 1) Timbral accuracy, 2) Soundstaging/Spacial cues, 3) PRaT, 4) Bass extension, or 5) Liquidity?

Mark Lemelin's picture

Do you buy mostly used, or new equipment?

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Have you waited too long for your new gear to arrive? So long that when it comes, the excitement is gone?

Glenn Bennett's picture

What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it? Let's see how far back we can go. I caught the bug with a Knight reel-to-reel in 1955!'s picture

Who in audio is your fave?

George L.'s picture

Does your system contain any pro audio equipment? If so, what piece or pieces?

Nate Rader's picture

Regardless of format (aside from mp3), how many copies of your favorite album do you own? Three? Four? More?

Mike Molinaro's picture

I have two. One: I'm too thrifty (Okay, cheap) for satellite and don't have digital radio, so, when travelling with your spouse and the signal begins to crackle, do you listen to Carlos Santana to the very end, or does you spouse insist changing to a clear station, usually playing "Kung Foo Fighting" or some such fare? Two: Although not "Audiophile Approved" or PC, what is your favorite greatest hits compliation?

Sigmund - Atlanta/Vienna's picture

What do you think about while you are listening to music? What would you be thinking about if you were not listening to music?