Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.
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Some audio products never seem to get old and can hold up over years and decades. Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Mario's picture

Audiolab 8000A

HCL, Sweden's picture

Linn LP12 is the ultimate timeless product as the old ones are upgradeable to the current spec, which still is nothing less than outstanding.

Mark's picture

Tannoy's Dual Concentric driver. Western Electric 300B vacuum tube.

Philippe Tremblay's picture

Quad ESL

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Tubes, high efficiency speakers, and vinyl. Transistors have had their day, and it was a terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad one at that. While solid-state devices have gotten better since the dark days of the seventies, they have yet to best a single-ended triode, IMHO. 2A3 tubes are still around many, many decades after their introduction and they still make some of the finest music. Klipsch still sells the Klipschorn which will rock out even with flea powered amps 2A3 SET amps. As for vinyl, the CD still can't beat 180 gm vinyl, except in convenience. Other timeless products include LS3/5a monitor speakers, Quad ESL electrostatic speakers, Dynaco ST-70 amplifiers, McIntosh MC275 amplifiers and, of course, Marantz 8B amplifiers.

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Nothing comes close to the musical instrument-like Sonus Faber speakers.

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The Oracle Delphi & CD2500 are designs which stand the test of time.

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Celestion SL600

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Gotta be the Linn Sondek LP12. Updates still available and once set-up correctly, you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding turntable in any price range

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Ayre monoblocks in black or silver.

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Any McIntosh product.

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girl england all look sun

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Acoustic Energy AE 1, Have had these little beauties for 12 years, still as musical, clear and engaging as ever

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Proton 320 Clock radio, Bose QC2 headphones, AR-3a speakers, Audio Research Preamps, Martin Logan and Magnepan sspeakers.

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I’m still spinning my discs on an original Oracle turntable that I bought in 1980. A grand for just the turntable seemed outrageous at the time, but it has held up and still sounds pretty good.

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linn sondek lp12 mcintosh transistor monoblocks

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You have done that before...How about tubes vs solid state Do you have 1 all tube 2 all soild state 3 both (this is for pre-amp and amp)

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Most products look dates after a couple of years. The McIntosh look seems to wear well. Two that might hold for the future are Zanden and the Ayre MX line.

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Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

I'm still enjoying my Acouatat 2+2s (front) and 1+1s (rear) speakers as well as my Sota turntable. This is 1980s era equipement but I am as happy with them now as when I bought them. Granted, my selections may not be everyone else's cup of tea, but I'm certain that many fellow audiophiles have made similar purchases that have stood the test of time.

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Sonus Faber loudspeakers. Great sound, great looks, lasting quality.