Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.
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Some audio products never seem to get old and can hold up over years and decades. Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Aaron's picture

The Rice-Kellog Loudspeaker. Same basic design after 83 years.

Jeff Laethem's picture

Linn LP-12. Mcintosh 275.

Brad - Atlanta's picture

Krell 400xi. Alon Petites.

Mike Molinaro's picture

The vacuum tube.

John Turnbull's picture

Rega Planar 3. Linn Sondek.

george's picture

Quad speakers. Audio Research preampa.

Randy Lert's picture

Vandersteen 2c. Linn LP12.

J's picture

Tannoy dual concentric based speakers.

Bill Lund's picture

Anything from Audio Research and McIntosh is quite timeless.

John Lord's picture

Rega Planar 2/3 and LP12. I own all three and love 'em!

Willie's picture

Vandersteen speakers.

Big Fred's picture

CJ PV-5 preamp, Rega Planar tables, and Magnapan speakers.

Jim's picture

Linn LP12

Austin Kuipers's picture

Ohm Walsh, any model. They are pure genius.

George's picture

McIntosh MC275 power amplifier. After 40-plus years, .still going strong.

Moebius's picture

1) turntables Linn LP12 2) Yamaha integrated amplifiers.

Brad Morrical's picture

Acoustat Spectra Series loudspeakers. Oracle Delphi turntable.

Will's picture

Quad ESL63. Linn LP12.

Lito Gozum, MD's picture

Technics SL-1200 turntable. Denon DL-103 cartridge.

Dave Bennett's picture

Oracle Dephi & Michell GyroDec.

mat's picture

AKG K240M 600ohm version. Bought them in the '80s and am still enjoying them with a dedicated headphone amp.

Roland L's picture

Technics turntable SL-1200 series, particularly the MK2, and: Denon MC head DL-103. Together they make a timeless broadcast as well as domestic combo, with minimum fuss.

George Evans's picture

Linn Sondek turntable, Vandersteen 2c speaker, Magnepan, and all models of McIntosh amplifier.

Bob Gould's picture

How about Vandersteen speakers? They first came out in the late '70s and remain competitive to this day. There is somthing about Vandersteens which makes you want to quit analyzing and just listen to music for hours!

Hector's picture

B&W DM12. NAD 3020.

Cihangir Güzey's picture

Absolutely, the CD format. More than 25 years old and it still stands high against so many disappeared formats.

Dean Swift's picture

BBC's LS 3/5a. Technics SL-1200—this turntable crossed more boundaries than "audiophile" classics like the Sondek, it also contributed to music making itself. It also helped keep vinyl alive during the '80s and '90s. Also, most well engineered Ultra Linear EL34 valve amps. The Michell Gyrodec, Denon 103 MC cartridge, Tannoy Dual Concentrics, McIntosh MC275. From a visual aesthetic POV, the early work by Allan Boothroyd still holds up.

Ken's picture

Vacuum tubes!

Bob's picture

Magnum/Dynalab FT101/MD90. For over 20 years, this has been a benchmark in analog FM tuner design and the very first units can still be upgraded to include TOTL front ends, tube output, and even onboard DAC modules.

Nick's picture

Anything much more than twenty years old appears to be fashionable these days (except people, for whom it's the opposite).