Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.
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Some audio products never seem to get old and can hold up over years and decades. Give us an example of timeless design for an audio product.

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First, Rogers LS3/5a. The real thing, Not all the wannabes that are exactly the same, except the tweeters, woofers, crossover, cabinet, wiring, speaker posts, and grille cloth! Yeah, sure they're the same. Second, tubes—it's all in the "J" function. 100 times faster gives you more of the music.

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Avalon Eidolon—classic design, phenomenal sound which will remain relevant for years to come. Been around a decade in one form or another and will continue for another decade!

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The Klipschorn. McIntosh MC275.

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Oracle Delphi turntable. In its fifth incarnation, it doesn't show any age. It had had some minor modifications in design, but the TT still looks as modern, cool as it did more than 30 years ago. A classic in design and quality of sound.

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Linn LP12. Conrad-Johnson Premier. Magnepan (all). They have all been around for decades and are still high end, honest, state-of-the art products. Listen and enjoy.

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Linn LP12, B&O 4002, and the Paradigm Atom.

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Sonus Faber Stradivari. Oh my.

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Cello Encore preamp.

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I have owned two pairs of Vandersteens, Models 2Ci and 3, over many years and found them to be extremely satisfying. Not spectacular or awe inspiring, but great products that deliver a quality listening experience. My AR SP-9 also delivers high quality reproduction for the price.

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Fisher 500B. Designed circa 1960. Had clearly marked knobs and connectors on the back and a form factor that would be copied for a generation. The sound? Honest, warm, and lovely.

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Wire. Still used in many decent systems.

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Spectral SDR-2000/3000 combo CD player. It's timeless in both its design and sound.

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If there is one brand that is consistent in its design ocver the years , it is Accuphase

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Old McIntosh amplifiers never die. One reason I bought one of their newer integrateds.

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It would be easy to point out some turntables, but I would like to mention all two-way minimonitor loudspeaker of today. It all started with BBC's LS3/5a. A true classic, timeless and innovative design that have had many followers.

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NAD 3020, Pioneer PD-91, and the Snell Type J-III.

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Magnepan speakers—they always sound incredibly good for the price.

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Linn LP12 at the top of any list! My second addition would be Rega P3 series, from the original Planar 3 to the P3/24.

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Speakers in the shape of Jerry Garcia would be quite stylish. Phase/time correction could be worked out after. An integrated amplifier designed to look like the Alien Blob Domes in Quatermass II: Enemy From Space would be a lifetime conversation piece.

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Linn Sondek LP12. Yamaha NS1000M.

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Rega P3, all NAD hi-fi gear.

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My Harbeth C7mk.2 are descendants of a noble lineage back to the 1994 mk.1, the original Harbeth Compact of the late 80s, and BBC monitors before that. Still supremely faithful to the truth of classical recordings. I remain very attached to a 10-year old multibit CD player, the Krell KAV-300, and my ATC pre/power amps, for the same reason. Neutrality and honesty are never out of fashion. "Musicality", however you define it (or has the term become meaningless through overuse) seems to come along with those qualities.

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The belt-drive turntable. It is as simple as it gets. Whether it is a Thorens, Sota, Rega, or VPI, it sounds pretty damn good.

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Forget modern five-way speakers with a dozen 4-6" woofers or a couple large side-firing subs. Give me an old-timey three-way speaker with a 10-12" woofer. That sounds more natural, eg, the Acoustic Research AR3a, or a two-way with an 8" woofer like the B&W DM110.

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Rega P3 turntable and the RB300 tonearm.

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AR turntable

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Dynaudio Special 25 (& original Contour series). McIntosh. Linn LP12.

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Denon DL103, Technics SL1200, SME tonearms, and the Rega RB300.

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Technics SP-10

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Threshold Stasis amplifiers are now 20+ years old and still represent the highest levels of sonic achievement. Combined with Nudell-era Infinity speakers, it would be tough to beat the sound today without re-mortgaging your house.