GigFi - Listen to Who's Playing Near You

I've already admitted I have a live music problem, OK? I don't need something awesome like GigFi making my addiction worse. Much much worse.

GigFi combines two of my absolute favorite things in the world: custom playlists and live music. By creating customized Spotify playlists listing music from artists playing shows in your city within the following days, GigFi provides an aural summary of the music happening around you at all times. I had no idea Medeski, Martin and Wood were in town! And Dethklok?? And it's not just about figuring out which big dogs are around, GigFi offers music discovery by including tracks of all the artists it possibly can based on Spotify's own library, and introducing you to what could be a very affordable night of excellent independent music. They also offer links to purchase tickets for each show. GigFi is the total music discovery package.