From Ghastly to Gorgeous: Vencel Rebuilds a Koetsu Rosewood

Somewhere in Budapest, something very scary is happening. Somewhere in Budapest, something very beautiful is blooming. Stereophile forum user vencel has reposted images of his rebuild of a Koetsu Rosewood cartridge starting at its grim and crud-crusted beginnings leading to its careful reconstruction and finishing with a gorgeously refurbished cartridge glowing in the light. The gruesome details of death and deconstruction are told through haunting images, and then hope is reborn through the hard work of vencel and his team’s delicate re-coiling and cleanup. The story can be seen here in our forums. I’m sure vencel would be happy to answer any questions. Congrats to you and your team!

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In an era where we toss our phones after two years, consider a car old after 6 years it is nice to see skilled labor, that can restore and refresh old things like cartridges back to life.  Thanks for sharing.