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Getting some speakers... Where to go from here?

I'd like to slowly build a nice system. The room is fairly small. For the budget and $$$ factors, I'm probably going with demo'd cdm-1nt's and a small sub (asw 300-new) for my "starter speakers". I've heard the mix and really like it for the $$$$.

Unfortunately, to start my set I'll have to stick to my old HT amp... a sony STR-DE695. Pretty nasty stuff, but its what I got.

My future goal is to eventually get a nice home theater/music room going using the cdm-1nt's for rears. 704's or better for fronts and a nice center channel by the tv. For now though the 3pc will be it.

With those goals in mind.... I think my next step would be a good amp or intergrated amp.... I'm just not sure. To seperate or not to seperate is the question for this kid on a budget... I'd like to have switching capability from 5.1 for movies and 2.1 for music... Preferably improving on my 2.1 "starter set up" from the get go...

So... Where would you go from here?

Thanks in advance!


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