Genesis Presents the Maestro

An evolution of the original Genesis 5, which was designed by Arnie Nudell and released in 1994, the Genesis Maestro ($30,000/pair), designed by Gary Koh (above), is a highly efficient loudspeaker that can be driven by just a few watts. This is due in part to its built-in servo-controlled bass amplifier, which powers its four long-throw 8" aluminum-cone woofers. With adjustable bass gain and low-pass control, as well as improved crossover technology, the speaker is said to work equally well in rooms small and large.

Claimed to contain "the best tweeter in the world"—the Genesis Ring-Radiator Ribbon Tweeter (GR3T)—the speaker ascends to 40kHz and descends to 18Hz, ±3dB. It also has a large sweet spot designed to be family- and friend-friendly. Koh, who was driving it with Viva Audio Aurora 30W SET monoblocks, said that among his design objectives was to achieve "more transparency, and a greater ability to transmit emotion."