Genesis Advanced Technologies

In his report of the Rutherford Audio room, Ariel Bitran wrote, “There was something magical about this sound, and there was a sweet-spot to be found everywhere.”

Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies is seen here with his 2.2 Jr. loudspeaker ($80,000/pair). When I asked him about the large room’s lack of acoustic treatments, Koh laughed and said, “I cheat!”

He directed my attention to the room’s front wall and explained that a subwoofer had been placed in each corner. “Using a subwoofer in each corner energizes every mode in the room, and when you energize all the modes, you don’t have problems with room interaction.”

He concluded, “I don’t try to defeat physics. I use it!”

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If those monitors sell like hotcakes then he can cheat ($$$) even more.