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Stephen Mejias
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Welcome to our "General Rants'n'Raves" section. As the name suggests, this is the place for sharing your Strong Opinions on all things hi-fi. Your Strong Opinions may be positive or negative, enthusiastic or apathetic. We only ask that you express yourself in a mature, thoughtful, respectful, and productive manner.

It should be understood that our opinions are merely our opinions and do not represent a standard or guideline for others. While expressing our opinions, it may be helpful to remember our shared passion for music and sound. After all, our passion for music and sound is what connects us, even in the face of our most strident disagreements.

Under no circumstances should our opinions include personal attacks against others. Name-calling, gratuitous insults, and all other childish behavior should be avoided. Again, please be respectful.

As forum moderator, it is my responsibility and right to decide when and where lines are crossed. If I see disrespectful and otherwise immature, unproductive behavior, I will stop it as I see fit. In some cases, I will simply delete offensive posts and direct offenders back to this statement as a means of explanation. In other cases, I will move offensive posts to The Dead Zone. In extreme cases of disrespect

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