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Funk Jazz: Two Reviews

If you like albums like Herbie Hancock's Thrust and Headhunters then you are going to love two CD's that sound as full and rich as they are funky.

The Best of Bad to the Bone is a collection of great songs from this funk group established 10 years ago in New York. This is funk jazz with a combination of sounds that will may have your subwoofer knocking down some walls ! I had to turn my hi-fi down a couple of knotches but the sound coming from my Paradigm 100's blew me away.

Just Feels Right by Euge Groove is another funk masterpiece although there are some interludes that calm down a little but again the recording and the music are steller. If you like Tower of Power type of sax music then you will like these CD's but be warned your Sub could be used as a weapon when these CD's are playing..

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Re: Funk Jazz: Two Reviews

I can verify Euge Groove's greatness and shall check out your other recommendation - thanx!

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