Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD712z loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-driver loudspeaker with dedicated stand. Drive-unit: 4.7" (120mm) glass-fiber-cone. Magnet insulation: EIAJ Grade 1. Frequency response: 40Hz–20kHz, –10dB. Impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 83.5dB/V/m. Power handling: Rated 35W/Maximum 70W.
Dimensions: 11.3" (290mm) W by 14.3" (365mm) H by 14.7" (375mm) D. Height on stand: 38.5–38.9" (987–997mm). Weights: speaker, 26.5 lbs (13.3kg); stand, 28.7 lbs (13kg).
Finish: Silver.
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: ZD700090, ZD700066.
Price: $7000/pair, including stands. Approximate number of dealers: 5.
Manufacturer: Fujitsu Ten Limited, 2-28 Gosho-Dori 1-Chome, Hyogo-Ku, Kobe 652-8510, Japan. US distributor: Mickey Tachibana. Tel: (415) 244-8341. Web:

Fujitsu Ten Limited
US distributor: Mickey Tachibana
(415) 244-8341