FritzSpeakers/Electra-Fidelity/WyWires /Resolution Audio/Atma-Sphere/GIK

All that and more found a home in room 417 of the Hilton, where Fritz Heiler’s Rev 7 towers ($3500/pair) produced some fine sounds on a Chesky LP of Rosa Passos and Ron Carter singing Bossa Nova. On the major plus side, the midrange excelled; the midrange timbre of the guitar sounded just right, and Passos’ voice was ideally smooth. But despite GIK Acoustics room treatments and Custom Audio rack and amp stands, bass was unfocused, and Passos’ voice lacked ultimate clarity.

Other components in the chain included a Concert-Fidelity refurbished Denon DE03000, which I heard; Electra-Fidelity A3 Unity Inverted SE ($6995) and GM-70 amplifiers (starting at $4995), Atma-Sphere MP3 linestage ($5600+), and WyWires Blue Series cables (speaker cable, $600, interconnects, $450, digital cables, $275, and power cords, $299). Not auditioned was the Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center ($6500).