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Found new band: Kicks serious ass

the name of the Band is: Elsiane.

Imagine this:

Bjork and Dusty (singer from 'Portishead') get together and have a kid. They name her Kate, as in Kate Bush. And she has access to better drugs than either of them. And, to boot, she's Japanese...and the entire album is produced by her collaborator, the Drummer...who is fanatical about getting the dynamic slam of that drum-driven and steered be as realistic and dynamic as possible. He and the bass player work at underlying her voice. A great collaboration, and their first album. There's about 4-5 tunes on there that are quite good. They are out of Montreal.

Definitely a 'younger' crowd's kind of flavor..but an astute music lover who cares not where the love comes from, but that it exists at all....they will find it quite decent. If you are a young guy and want to bring your sweetie some new tunage that she will appreciate, introduce her to this. Warning..the liner images and such are a bit strong for some folk - might make them blush.... But it does give a nice feel to the whole package, that fits right into the entire flow of the album.

To clarify,

Band: "Elsiane"
Album title: "Hybrid"

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Re: Found new band: Kicks serious ass

She does sound a bit like Bjork. She uses her voice well - the snippets on the website are interesting.


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