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Forum Member's Systems

I thought I'd try starting a thread in The Entry Level, featuring forum member's audio systems. I've seen some members post their system lists here and there, but maybe consolidating the info into one thread would be fun. I chose to start it in The Entry Level because it might help newer members looking for advice to see where the advisors are coming from.  There might be an older thread along the same lines, but I haven't seen one, and an updated version wouldn't hurt anyway.

I'll start with my main system, which is pretty modest, but I like to think high value. The turntable was recently resurrected after 24 years in the attic. The whole system is still evolving. I have plans, haha

Sources; 1. Netbook, with Foobar2000 player. 16/44.1 through 24/192 music files. 2. NAD C542 CD player. 3. 1984 Vector Research linear tracking turntable with Grado Green cartridge.

Pre-amp DAC; 1. Grace M903. 2. Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II phono stage.

Amplifier; NAD C275

Speakers; 1. Epos M12.2 on Target stands. 2. Twin M&K MX 70B powered subwoofers. 3. AKG K701 headphones.

Misc; APC H15 Power Conditioner. Quadraspire equipment rack. Blue Jeans Cables mostly.


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Nice system!

Very sensible component mix.  I'm sure you enjoy some very sweet sound.

My dedicated audio setup is:

PSB Image 6T speakers (c. 2000...when they were still made in Canada)

Emotiva UPA-2 amp

Emotiva USP-1 preamp

Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC (tube pre-out stage is amazing)

Logitech Squeezebox Touch integrated into home PC network for streaming high-res downloads and ripped CDs

Tascam CD-200 CD player (used as a transport)

I will take a couple of pics and post them over the weekend.  Thanks for starting this thread!

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This is it for me, the chase is over.

13.3" MacBook Air, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, iTunes/BitPerfect
MacBook Air SuperDrive
Western Digital My Book Essential 2TB USB HD
Schiit Bifrost USB DAC
Emotiva USP-1, ERC-1 and two UPA-1s
Pro-Ject Xpression III and AT440MLa
AKAI AT-2600 and Harman Kardon TD4400
Grado SR80i
Magnepan MMG Magnestands
Rythmik Audio F12

JoeE SP9
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I'll bite

I don't have a digital camera or a cell phone. So no picture(s) yet. I can't talk so have no reason to have a phone except for my land line with a DSL. I also have wireless 4G for my laptops.

Gear list below.

ARC SP9 MKIII preamp
VPI HW19/Rega RB300/Marcof PPA1 head amp/Shure V-15IV, Sumiko Blackbird, Ortofon MC-20 carts
Marantz CD63SE CD (modified)/Yamaha DVD-S1800/MSB DAC (Full Nelson)Accuphase T101 tuner
Nakamichi LX-5, ZX-7 Teac V-7010
Lexicon MC8 surround processor
Acoustat Spectra 22 ESL's (fronts)/2 radically modified Dynaco MK3's/Behringer CX2310
2 bridged Crown XLS-402/Behringer DSP1124P/2 12" Transmission Line Subs (PASS DIY El-Pipe-O)
Acoustat Model 1 ESL's/SPW-1 Woofer (rears)/2 Adcom GFA-545/Paradigm X-30

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I have 4 systems....all pretty modest

My real audio system is ....

iMac source (Pure Audio software), Benchmark DAC 1, Theta Basic Transport, PrimaLuna Dialogue II, Monster Power box 2500, Transparent cabes, Energy RC30 speakers and a very nearfield location, PS Audio power cables.

My Vinyl Sytem is...

Thorens 170 table, Ortofon 2M Blue, Parsound Zphono, Grant Fidelity tubed buffer, Emotiva monoblocks, MMG's with Kimber PBJ cables and Pangea power cables.

My Videa System is....

Toshiba blue ray player, Audio Alchemy DACMAN with Jitter box, Onkyo SR574 receiver, MMG speakers with an ancient Cambridge Audio center, Basic Polk subwoofer, and a hodge podge of different cables.

My PC setup includes....

Two Toshiba i3 or better laptops, 8GB memory in each, a Cisco 2500 router, J-River MC17 software on both laptops, Nuforce UDAC-2, Pangea USB cable and Pangea Power cords, Monsoon Powered speakers, Droid III phone with J-River Gizmo software as remote and streaming device.

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Just posted in galleries..



Turntable: Rega Planar 3 with Grado Platinum Reference.
CD Player: Arcam CD72
Cassette Player: Nakamichi LX-5
Tuner: Sansui T7
Preamplifier: Lazarus Cascade Basic
Amplifier: Rebuilt, lightly modded Hafler DH200
Interconnects: Wasatch 103, 103u
Speaker Cables: HF Wasatch, LF Kimber 4TC
Speakers: B&W Matrix 3 Series 2 in Brazilian Rosewood
Power: Quantum Octave

Sound: A tad dark, detailed, coherent and musical. Rich and textured without being "vintage" sounding at all. Very balanced and 3D.

Plans: Update the Lazarus signal caps. Try to find a matching pair of Wasatch for the low frequency.

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