The Forthcoming Vitus RD-101 Mk.II DAC/Streamer

Vitus Audio, now in its 27th year, introduced its forthcoming entry-level RD-101 Mk.II DAC/Streamer ($15,000, release date TBD) at Munich High End. The unit sports a redesigned streaming module—the old one is obsolete—a newly optimized power supply, and significant noise reduction. There's also a new DAC chip, the ESS9038 Pro, which replaces the 9028 Pro.

Through its USB input, the unit supports DSD up to 256, PCM up to 24/384, and the first unfolding of MQA. Roon certification, which can be a lengthy process, is on the horizon. Existing RD-101 owners will be happy to learn that upgrades will be available ($TBD).

In company news, the new AVA Group now includes both the Vitus and Alluxity brands, which have merged. Vitus founder and CEO Hans Ole-Vitus is pulling back some and focusing his energies on developing a product road map for the company, while his son, Alluxity founder Alexander Vitus Mogensen, has become co-owner of the AVA Group.