Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?

Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?
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Let's focus on sound for this week. (We'll zero-in on the music next week.) When you want to hear how good a recording can sound, what do you go for? Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?

Silvertone's picture

Jack Johnson: Sleep Through the Static.

John's picture

Shangri-la by Mark Knopfler.

Scott G's picture

The Last of The Mohicans soundtrack.

timmy's picture

My original pressing of Steely Dan's Aja.

OvenMaster's picture

On LP, Elton John's Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. On CD, Sarah McLachlan's- Surfacing.

Jonathan Allen's picture

When Angels Make Music by Musica Freybergensis, Roland Wilson / (Edition Raumklang). A quite amazing piece of recording.

pop's picture

The only one, for music and the best-sounding production: Allan Holdsworth's All Night Wrong (Favored Nations Entertainment CD, FN2330-2).

Phil Atkins's picture

La Segunda by Sera una Noche (MA Records).

Jason Stroud's picture

Fear of Music by Talking Heads.

Mike Vallely's picture

A one of a kind live Jazz recording at a small night club in Detroit by one my Jazz musician friends. Two mikes & a DAT machine.

Ed Strand's picture

Celebrating the Music of Weather Report (Telarc DVD-Audio)

Mark's picture

Sade: Love Deluxe; Robert Plant: Dreamland; Mark Knopfler: Sailing To Philadelphia.

Peder's picture

Classic Records reissue of Royal Ballet in the 45RPM box set.

ronny's picture

John Coltrane: Soultrane (MFSL SACD)

Ken's picture

Bill Berry: For Duke (M&K Realtime direct-to-disk vinyl)

j nyilis's picture

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man (Reference Recording RR 93-cdj).

Nebo Jones's picture

Forget Compact Discs. I have an LP by Mother Earth called Living With The Animals from about 1968. On that album there is a close-miked track of Tracy Nelson singing "Down So Low." Not only can you hear Tracy taking in a breath before some of the verses, but occasionally you also can hear a small sound that I believe is her lips parting. When she sings that song, I am right there.

Dismord's picture

Are you mad? Why would I have any discs in my collection that lack musical merit? The possession of such recordings defines the difference between audiophile and audiophool as far as I'm concerned. Now ask us something sensible please.

Willy Leavitt's picture

Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat or Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage. Can't choose.

James V's picture

Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Robot

Clint's picture

Muddy Waters: Folk Singer (MFSL)

Jon Faber's picture

DVD-Audio presentation of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms. Absolutely flawless from top to bottom, dynamic range, quality of the surround mix, etc.

Humberto's picture

DVD-A :Vivaldi: The Four Seasons by David Juritz and the London Mozart Players. CD: Te Dejas Ver by Mikel Erentxun.

TK's picture

Another Stormy Night by the Mystic Moods Orchestra (Cisco 180gram).

Charlie Jefferson's picture

Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk.

John's picture

Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on SACD.

Brad Blackmere's picture

Jack Johnson: On and On

tad's picture

Jordi Savall's records on Alia Vox.

Wojciech Tkaczynski's picture

Adam Pieronczyk Trio: Busem Po Sao Paulo (Meta Records - meta 033)

E.  Krieger's picture

My copy of Peter Epstein/Scott Colley/Peter Erskine: Old School on M*A Recordings. It's an elegant recording of the three playing in St. Peter's Episcopal Church in NYC, using only two mics and nothing else. Fortunately it is also one of the most musically breathtaking performances I've ever heard, regardless of its sonics.