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Focal Electra 1027 Be vs. PSB Synchrony Ones

I have a budget of about 5K and I am looking to replace the speakers I have. I am looking at either the Focal Electra 1027's or the PSB Synchrony one's. I listen to mostly electronica like Bjork, NIN, Portishead, etc. I also like classic rock like Neil Young, Journey, etc. I know these two things are on opposite sides of the spectrum but I would like to try to find something that will work pretty well for both.

Great bass would be nice but I really want something that images very well and has a very accurate sound.

Does anyone have any experiences with these speakers? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of each?

For $5K or less, can you all recommend something that may be a better value for the money?


tom collins
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Re: Focal Electra 1027 Be vs. PSB Synchrony Ones

my personal speaker is the aerial model 6. it is very balanced, has accurate, satisfying but not pounding bass and is physically beautiful. sells for about $3600. my club friends believe it is the best imaging set they have heard. however, it is not the most efficient and takes a very good amp to bring out its best. good luck.

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Re: Focal Electra 1027 Be vs. PSB Synchrony Ones

The Opera Linea Classica Quinta for $4900/pair are an outstanding loudspeaker that will handle diverse material well.

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