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FM antenna & co-ax life expectancy?

New guy here - first post.

Since I've been homebound a lot due to this virus I started listening to my tuner after many years of ignoring it. My outdoor antenna and coax has been up about 25 years or so. Is this past normal life as I still get many stations but they don't lock-in as stereo. I temporarily hooked up the T dipole but since my system is in the basement reception got worse. Thanks for any help.

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Aging wire

When my folks remodeled a house and added rooms, I wired up a coax to a TV antenna for a new room. This was used for FM listening. Used it for 12 years. Moved out after finishing school. Cable worked fine all those years.

Cable TV has been in that house for over 40 years. Still worked the last time I was there.

I'm sure eventually the cable will fail, but my guess is at the connectors that my corrode over a long time. I would guess your cable is fine, unless you have harsh environments, like salt (near ocean), snow (higher latitudes). Check for brittleness of cable. Otherwise, not much else to offer. Good luck.

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