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Floorstanding speakers for movies and music

Hello, new member here. I did actually search through the forum before posting and I didn't really see much info that discusses my particular need.
For the past couple of months, I have been researching floor standing speakers that are good for both stereo music play back and a good balance for left and right in a my 5.1 audio system. I am powering them with a Denon AVR-3500h. The specs say the Denon can output 180W per channel (which I am skeptical about).
I currently have Definitive Technology bookshelf speakers with a Definitive Technology center channel in my entertainment center. These have served me well for the past 12 years, but I've moved into a house with a very large living room and they just aren't cutting it anymore.

I'm thinking about keeping the Def Tech center channel and replacing the stereo speakers with larger floor standing speakers that will be placed about 8 feet apart. The constraint will be that the speakers will stand very close to the wall.
There really aren't too many places in my area to test speakers, so I'm considering ordering online. However, I know speakers are very subjective and reviews skew all over the place for speakers.

I am wondering if you guys would be able to suggest good speaker options that fit the following criteria:
- Good for movies (great bass response, but will play relatively nicely while being close to a wall).
-Don't necessarily have to hit lows below 40hz since I have a 12" subwoofer.
-Priced around $1600 or less (if this possible).
-Have clean and non fatiguing high end.
-Sound great with electronic music.
-Come in a nice finish such as walnut or white (my wife will never sign off on big black boxes).

I personally like a flat natural sound without hyped low or high end and speakers that can play loud without fatiguing my old ears.
Sheesh, didn't mean for this post to get so long. Sorry about that.

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