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Floor standing speakers

Hi, I have been collecting vinyl for 20 years but have somewhat neglected the equipment they’re played on. I’m now starting to rectify that but need some advice.

I am looking at floor standing speakers, possibly Monitor Audio Bronze 6’s or similar. However I have no real knowledge of hi fi equipment and can see that the suggested use is with other speakers and It’s also suggested that they can be used as home cinema speakers.

My question is quite simple. Are a pair of these speakers good enough for a hi fi system, like how a hi fi used to be setup? Or are you supposed to buy the whole package to get the desired sound?

Also does anyone rate the Monitor Audio Bronze 6’s? Any suggested alternatives?

Many Thanks in advance


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Listen to Your Ears

Probably more than any other audio component, speakers are a very personal, subjective choice. Given virtually any speaker, some will like the sound and others may not care for it at all, preferring different sound characteristics. So, the best advice anyone can give is to listen to as many different speakers as you can within your budget range, preferably played through/with the same components you have or as similar in quality as yours or components you intend to purchase and played in a listening room(s) as similar to yours (dimensions & furnishings) as possible. You should also make certain your components are properly matched or compatible with one another so they will work harmoniously together. Also, pay close attention to where you want or are forced to place the speakers in your listening room in relation to what the speakers recommend with regard to their respective room placement considerations. Also, pay attention to size or dimensions, of course. Any good, experienced stereo shop salesperson will be able to guide you in this regard. There are also buying guides that can provide useful information and guidance, as well. It is also very helpful to read whatever objective reviews you can find on the speakers and/or components that interest you. Stereophile is a great, reputable source for reviews but there are others, as well. I have not done any critical listening with the Monitor Audio Bronze 6. However, I have recently done serious critical listening with the Monitor Audio Silver 500, the 300 and many others because I am currently in the process of updating/replacing my 2 channel speakers. I can assure you that the MA Silver 500 and 300 are excellent speakers at their price point. They are still on my short list. I have no reason to believe the MA Bronze line would be anything other than a fine choice at their price point. However, that's what my ears think. Yours may tell you a different story. Trust your ears. Finally, I caution you to retain some degree of healthy skepticism, in general, of the guidance and recommendations you will receive from forums like this and others. Some people tend to be very biased and recommend components they own to the exclusion of others that might be just as good or better. When all is said and done, you will be the best judge. After all, it's your money and you will have to live with the choices you make.

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Hello from Chicago

Consider your room, lively or dead sounding? will you be able to pull them out into the room or will they be tucked into corners? Look at the measurements and when JA overlays speakers in room response speakers tend to follow the same curve in the same room. When you figure out what your room sounds like you'll be able to make a more informed decision.

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