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Mr Mac
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Floor Speaker Isolation

We are moving to a house that has a great room setup. The floors are vinyl plans and there are a lot of hard surfaces everywhere! We will of course have our furniture, a small area rug and some sort of window treatment (all up to The Better 9/10ths).

My question is, for my floor speakers (Paradigm Monitor 9), I no longer have the spikes which are reversible for non-carpeted floors, should I just use simple isolation pucks, or build a short stand to isolate the cabinets from the floor?

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Ah, the age old question, to

Ah, the age old question, to couple or isolate? There are more alternatives these days than there used to be in the old days. Mass on spring solutions are ubiquitous for speakers now, but also cones. You can use cones under speakers but if the speakers are too high you should probably use 18x18 board under the speakers for stability. The harder the material the better the sound, thus one can rank cones as follows: NASA grade ceramics, hardened steel at the top of the food chain and wood, carbon fiber, aluminum at the bottom.

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