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First setup - advice please

Hey all,

I'm new to the audiophile end of things; I've been collecting vinyl here and there for a couple of years and am finally poking around at getting a decent stereo setup.

That said, I am looking at the following components, and was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about them?

Speakers - B & W 684s
Amp - NAD C352
CD deck - either NAD C525BEE or C542
Preamp - NAD PP-2

I currently have a Technics RD-2900 turntable that seems to do what I want, and (as with most things) will likely upgrade that when I find it's lacking sometime after I have all the other components. Anyhow, that's my speil; thanks in advance to those who respond.


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Re: First setup - advice please

I am not real familiar with the NAD line.
I do know the B&W's are well respected and match well with Rotel amps (the two companies are owned by the same conglomerate). B&W's are a bit on the 'bright' side, and Rotel stuff compliments this by being a bit on the 'warm' side.

Cambridge Audio has some great CDp's out now like the 640 v2, 740. The 840 is getting some V good press as it will up-sample any redbook CD to 24 bit. Look here

And, as always, go listen to everything you can.
Good luck, keep us posted!

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