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First post - My starter system.

Hello all,

First let me say thanks to Stereophile for being such a great online resource.

After many years of high end car audio i have finally made the move into the home audio arena and all i can say is WOW. it sure is a lot more enjoyable to sit on your couch and enjoy a drink with your eyes closed enjoy the wonderful sound that a solid system can provide. I am fully addicted to this hobby!

my setup is as follows:

NAD C352 Integrated Amp
NAD C542 CD player
Bohlender-Graebener Z-92 Speakers
Monster M-Series Interconnects & Bi-wire cables

Approximately $4k total from a local authorized dealer.

I was originally going to go with the Z-7's from BG but my local dealer let me hear the Z-92's and i was thoroughly impressed. BG's planar ribbon technology just sounds amazing to my ears. the Z-92 are Dual 6.5's with a 10x5 planar mid and a co-axial mounted planar tweeter.

Anyone else have a chance to listen to these speakers?

I think the only thing i like as much as listening to my new sound system is making friends sit down and listen. The response people have the first time they sit down to a system that is above the level of Circuit City or Best Buy is rather enjoyable to me.

Thanks & keep listening,


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Re: First post - My starter system.

Hi and welcome!

Sounds like a terrific system you put together. A home run in your first at bat!

Bohlender-Graebener makes very cool stuff.

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