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First post, a hello, tell me what you think, and a question.

hello everyone, I found this forum after a very frustrating afternoon/evening looking for good info about USB DACs and computer audio. It looks like you guys know what you are talking about, I hope so anyway.

Here is what I have now:

First, a new Mac Pro desktop that I want to put an extra 500gb drive in and use that drive for music only, ripped in Apple Lossless via iTunes, with error correction on.

I want a DAC to get that signal to my stereo which is a Rotel piece and on to my B&W speakers.

I inherited the Speakers and Stereo/HiFi equipment from my parents recently as I am a Med Student and could never afford it.

Anyway, I did some research today and found the Wavelength Audio Cosecant USB DAC and from what I read, it looks like what I need and want. Is this a good piece of equipment? I have one question about it though, what kind of connector connects it to the reciever?

anyway, does this all sound like a good idea? I have a lot of CDs of Classical and Jazz that I love and like listening to in high quality.

one more question, how long can the cable run be between the computer and DAC and the DAC and Reciever?

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