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Finding my way

Soundesign was my reality, but Krell was in my dreams. It was the early 1980s. I researched and made up lists of equipment and riddled out how long I would have to save the two dollars an hour I was making before I could afford to own the objects of my acoustic desire. I soon dismissed the whole idea.

I love music, and the intervening years saw me going to more live performances than I can recall and amassing a record collection that at one point numbered well over 5,000 but now stands at just this side of 1,000. Between working more than I should, not going to live performances anymore and my wife wanting to know what I was going to do with, "all those old records," I sort of just stopped listening to music.

I forgot all about it. I listened to NPR in the car - I did work on my computer at home. I still owned a turntable that I've had for years and every blue moon I'd pour some Chimay and spin some tunes, but not while anyone was around, and that happened maybe twice a year.

Our housekeeper rang in 2009 by accidentally tearing the needle off of my old turntable. Do they even sell needles anymore? I started looking around online, still undecided if I wanted to get the old deck up and running again or just chuck it and the remainder of my records in the trash.

Well, I ended up finding much more than I anticipated. Over the course of a couple of months I found that not only are there plenty of cartridges available, but a vibrant two-channel analog industry still going strong. I found forums like this one and other repositories of audio information that have taught me more than I ever knew, which puts me at knowing enough to know that I don't know much about it at all!

Armed with a modicum of new found knowledge and a growing curiosity, I sauntered my way into one of the very few high-end audio shops in my area wanting to have a listen. Up to that point I had never heard a properly setup, so called, "high-end," system. What I heard that day blew me away. I'm sitting in my first listening chair with Dire Straits seemingly in the room with me when the very nice proprietor asked what I thought. I said something elegant like, "fucking right on, man."

That's when my long forgotten love of music found me. Like a jealous lover wielding a frying pan.

After much auditioning of equipment, discussion, budget creation then budget-expansion, a few weeks from now I'll be setting up a trio of audio components in my home. A pair of Dynaudio Confidence C1 speakers, a Simaudio i3.3 integrated amplifier (with a DAC and phono stage) and a Pro-Ject RM-10 turntable (with a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge) are going into a 10' x 20' room in my basement that I use as my office.

The deal is done, the trigger's been pulled, now I'm just biding my time like a six year old waiting for Christmas. I think I'm ill or something but I don't feel bad at all!

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Re: Finding my way

That will be a very nice system that will most likely bring you many, many hours of enjoyment. I'm glad that you've found the path enlightenment.

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Re: Finding my way

"fucking right on, man" is right indeed. music on a hifi is a glorious thing! welcome to the addiction my friend and i hope you enjoy the new system as it looks to be a sweet rig you've got for yourself.

tom collins
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Re: Finding my way

congrats: great story. you will enjoy that system. welcome aboard.

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Re: Finding my way

Great post, edever. After months of no vinyl I recently added a Bellari phono stage to my vintage Philips 212 and Grado. Not as resolving as your set-up, but satisfying nevertheless.

You can quote Paul Newman from The Color Of Money: "I'm back!"

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Quick Update

It's been about ten years since I setup that system I talked about. A new Blackbird, a Hydra and a Copperhead powercord later, the system remains the same. I still love listening to it and it has been a solid investment.

My one-decade review of the setup?

Fucking right on, man.

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Congratulations on enjoying the music in the last decade. That's just wonderful.

Did you notice any difference with the powercord change, compared to the stock cable? If so, how did you confirm that and what was the difference?

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Finally found the time to get

Finally found the time to get around to this (I jest, I just happened to login for the first time since 2019).

My short answer to your question regarding the powercord change is "no".

The longer answer has more to do with me than anything. I have a bit of tinnitus in my left ear, so the transparency to the source that a certain type of powercord may provide is lost on me. The Copperhead (that I still run) was acquired more for insurance against power fluctuations. It is plugged into a medical grade outlet that runs on its own circuit.

It's not as much voodoo as, say, a Clever Little Clock (!), but in the rabbit hole of diminishing returns my ear prevents me from going too far down.

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Edever, I just stumbled upon this post & thread. Have to say, the beginning of your story really saddened me but I loved the happy ending. I much admire your staying power! A 12 year thread! That's gotta be a record! Also loved rvance's mention of his (or her) Phillips 212, which was my beloved stalwart TT for approximately 43 years until I replaced it about 3 years ago. Saying goodbye to it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. Still have my old Sansui 2000X. Haven't used it in about 18 or 19 years but just can't let go. Tinnitus and Presbycusis be damned! Play your tunes! Enjoy those glorious vibes! The day I stop loving music is the day I die. May the music be with you always!

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Did someone say Clever Little

Did someone say Clever Little Clock?!

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