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Findin Good Used British Speakers?

Hi, Folks - I am not a rocket scientist when it comes to home audio, and I really don't want to be. However, I have sensitive ears and can tell the difference between speakers that people think are excellent and those that are genuinely excellent.

I purchased a pair of Mordaunt Short 20i Pearl speakers and a Harmon Kardon HK3250 receiver from a local audio dealer about 15 years ago. In spite of the lacking bass range, I have been happy with this arrangement ever since. However, I moved into a new house three years ago and now have a large kitchen/den combination (approx. 13x25) with a high ceiling. I think it is time to invest in some floor standing speakers that can fill this room.

However, like everyone else, I want high quality at a low cost, so I am looking in the used market. My local dealer recommends his new JM Lab Cobalt series speakers. However, I had hoped to spend under $500. The only other brands I am familiar with are KEF and Mordaunt Short. I do not know how other British or American speakers compare. Also, I know that most companies produce different grades of speakers for different price ranges. I want to make sure I am not purchasing a low-end speaker for a high-end price.

I recently saw a clean pair of Mordaunt Short 40i speakers on eBay that went for around $200. I was sorry I didn't bid higher. I have also been watching the KEF speakers on eBay. I want to keep my Harmon Kardon receiver and add a Cambridge Audio CD player. I would appreciate any tips on finding excellent used/vintage speakers and or quality brands comparable to Mordaunt Short and KEF that would work with this combination. Thanks.


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Re: Findin Good Used British Speakers?

You will probably get more help and suggestions than you thought. Speakers are the one thing everyone has an opinion on. My only advice is, listen to them before you buy them. Everyone has their favorites. Your favorites should be the ones you buy. is a good place to look for speakers. You could consider a powered subwoofer to use with your current system. You might find it is all you need to fill a larger room with sound and produce more bass.

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