Final Laboratory Music-4 phono preamplifier, Music-5 line preamplifier, & Music-6 power amplifier Letter

Sidebar 5: We received a letter commenting on the Final gear's use of dry cells:

Editor: I am appalled that there was no comment in regard to the environmental disaster that will result from using the Final Laboratory products reviewed by Art Dudley in January (p.97)! Ninety-two disposable batteries lasting about six months!?!?!?!?!?!?! And the company recommends against rechargeables for their audio quality? This is deplorable!!!!

I understand people trying to get their music to sound as close to live music as possible, and I know about issues with AC power (there are line conditioners, etc., for this), but this goes way too far!!! I don't care how good it sounds, I would never buy something like this, and I implore your listeners to do the same. The company should be ashamed of itself! Stereophile should also be ashamed—is the company buying advertising space???? Why do people think that the earth is their place to trash and destroy?

Still cannot believe it!—Dennis