Final Laboratory Music-4 phono preamplifier, Music-5 line preamplifier, & Music-6 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Battery-powered solid-state phono stage (Music-4), line stage (Music-5), and power amplifier (Music-6). Inputs: 1 (Music-4, Music-6), 3 (Music-5). Voltage gains: 40dB (Music-4), 30dB (Music-5) not specified (Music-6). Input impedances: 560k ohms (Music-4), 50k ohms (Music-5), not specified (Music-6). Output impedances: 60 ohms (Music-4, Music-5), variable (Music-6; see text). Power output (Music-6): 10Wpc, DC-100kHz (10dBW).
Dimensions: All three active components: 9" W by 1.9" H by 6.3" D. Weights: 2 lbs (Music-4, Music-5), 2.5 lbs (Music-6). Power supplies: 12.5" D by 3.7" H by 9" W (DC-5, DC-6). Weights (with batteries): 7 lbs (DC-5), 6 lbs each (DC-6).
Finish: Black chassis, clear acrylic covers.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 0157 (Music-4), 0180 (Music-5), 0181 (Music-6).
Prices: $3700 (Music-4), $3250 (Music-5, Music-6 each) $450 (DC-5, batteries included), $700 (DC-6, batteries included). Approximate number of dealers: undisclosed.
Manufacturer: Final Laboratory, 8-2 Tenouyama, Fukozu, Kota-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi Japan 444-0124. Tel: (81) 0564-63-3279. Web: US distributor: Venus Hi-Fi, Bloomington, IN 47407. Tel: (812) 320-4004. Fax: (812) 323-9665. Web: