Final Laboratory Music-4 phono preamplifier, Music-5 line preamplifier, & Music-6 power amplifier Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment on the use of dry cells:

In his April 2003 letter to the editor, Dennis argues that using the Final Laboratory Music-series amplifiers will result in an "environmental disaster" due to Final's endorsement of carbon-zinc (manganese) batteries over rechargeables. While the reader's concern for the environment is certainly commendable, he would seem to be unaware of two things:

1) One of the biggest problems that batteries have posed for the environment has been their mercury content. However, the vast majority of carbon-zinc batteries being manufactured today contain no mercury whatsoever.

2) Carbon-zinc batteries are recyclable! In fact, many hardware and electronics stores now have "household battery bins" for just this purpose.

The Music-series amps are by no means the threat to the biosphere that Dennis makes them out to be. And I certainly don't think that Final Laboratory should feel any more guilty about their components than, say, the designers of power-hungry, class-A monoblock amps, which require dozens of hours of warm-up time, thereby tempting the amps' owners to leave turned on 24 hours a day—hardly an environmentally sound practice!—Brian Bowdle, Venus Hi-Fi