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Film Scores - Bad Films, Good Music, and New Stuff

Do film scores get any love around here? I've been a huge fan for years, but don't see discussions come up often in audiophile circles. Why not?

I tend to like stuff that I can listen to and not have to think about the movie. Some movies have excellent scores that work great with the film - e.g., Sixth Sense, Jaws - but I wouldn't listen to them for enjoyment. This more or less applies to everything John Williams does - I have great respect for him and he has written probably 4 of the 5 most memorable scores ever written, and I enjoy them greatly in the movie, but I just can't really listen to them without the film's scenes playing in my head.

Any really new stuff worth buying? I haven't kept track lately. I must admit that I got the Dark Knight score pretty much just because it was on vinyl (yep, that sales tactic sure worked). It is good, but I don't see myself getting too involved in it.

While I'm at it, what about terrible movies that had fantastic scores? Two that come to mind:
(1) Bicentennial Man (Horner)
(2) Beyond Rangoon (Zimmer)

If I'm the only one in here who likes this stuff, I guess I'll just take my film scores and Coldplay and sit in a corner and be quiet.

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Re: Film Scores - Bad Films, Good Music, and New Stuff

Hey Jude,

I'm not gonna be much help, as usual. Of course there's the great soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey with all that Wagnerian/Nietzschian Will To Power stuff going on. And I'll always have a soft spot for Ennio Moriccone's spaghetti westerns. I do love classical, but I find I relate more emotionally to soundtracks that sparingly use iconic rock songs and obscure indie tracks. I wish you had more responses to a great post because I would love to learn more!

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